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To submit a flash game to stormvideogames, you will need to login using your username and password, and then proceed to submit game via 'Games Manager' once inside. You can also edit existing details anytime.

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More Details (if you need them)

Note: We do NOT host any games you submit in our servers. Instead, you will input a full link to the game file ( for example) and we will embed it, so make sure the game is already hosted somewhere and that it will not be removed later on. (Same for Unity and HTML5 games). We give credit to wathever site hosts the actual file, though.

Any game submtted to StormVideogames will be displayed in other sites too, such as,, and One upload, be seen in many places!

Newly added games can be seen here. (If you want to see how your game actually looks in our site)

And do not worry if your games has ads in them, we welcome them too :)

You do not need to create an user if all you want to do is play games. Only create an user if you want to submit a game.

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Its an automatic process.

If you want to contact us then send an email to

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