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17 Amazing Facts You Don't Know About Online Bingo Sites

For the love of Bingo! Many people are getting hooked online for having a great time with this amazing game. Everyone is going crazy these days with online bingo and having a great time. Are you also addicted to this fun game? If yes, then you might also want to know some facts you have never heard before.
What is unique in this game according to you? Is it the bingo bonuses, promotions or prizes at bingo sites such as ? Well, these are those things, you come to know with experience, but the story says a different thing.

Here you go with the 17 amazing facts, you should know about online bingo before getting spoiled with bingo bonuses-

1.Initially, bingo was known to occur in Italy, known as "Lo Giuoca del Lotto D'Italia". Since 1530, this game is still being played until today.

2.Do you know about the largest recorded winning in online bingo? Of course, maybe many of you do, especially who play it regularly. It is whoping £430,900!

3.Germans were the first to use Bingo cards in 1800. They used it as educational tools as the cards were helpful for students to learn multiplication tables easily.

4.How bingo cards came into existence? A New York toys salesman, Edwin S.Lowe hired and worked with a mathematics professor, Carl Leffler from the University of Columbian and invented near about 6000 combinations of bingo cards.

5.If you go through the US cards and UK card, you will find that US Bingo cards have 5X5 squares and UK cards have 3 rows and 9 columns.

6.Earlier in 1996, online bingo was known as "Bingo Zone". But, after two years, it was followed by "Bingo Blitz".

7.Utilizing bingo bonuses and jackpot winning are some of the reasons why people join Bingo. These reasons have become the major part of enjoyment nowadays.

8.The incredible fact about the players is there are 83% of women while men are 17%.

9.DIY bingo cards are customizable cards where a player can create his or her own number combinations or put his or her own images.

10.This game is successful in representing imperative effects in enhancing a person's cognitive abilities and has affluently reduced stress.

11.One outstanding feature of online bingo is chat functionality. It provides the opportunity to players to interact and socialize with each other online.

12.Around 48% of people have made this game as a part of their daily routine.

13.Online bingo is a prominent activity in gathering more than 3 million people each day.

14.Play with a standard bingo card and you will come up with 1,474,200 various winning combinations.

15.Bingo game is for all ages. However, maximum players aged from 35 and more.

16.The main feature about bingo bonuses is they offer various chances to win jackpot without overspending on a game. And more, these bonuses don't demand unnecessary spending.

17. Christine Bradfield is the largest bingo prize winner for grabbing more than £ 1.1M at The Castle Club.

So, aren't these facts amazing? Enjoy more by playing online at your favourite online bingo site!

17 Amazing Facts You Dont Know About Online Bingo Sites

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